White Coral (#009) - A3 Art Print

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Coral #009 White by Nico De Caro

This artwork by Floresta-based artist Nicolás De Caro encapsulates the key elements of his practice: energetic, hand-painted “stamps”, deformed shapes and influences of nature. Coming from the world of drawing and DIY mark-making, Nicolás creates much of his work in black and white, making this print the perfect statement piece.

“What I like about this series is that it brings together different moments of my career,” says Nicolás, “different researches that emerged from different concerns. The “Corals” were born working for an exhibition I was preparing at a friend’s house, where she lent me her apartment and prepared different works that were accommodated in all the spaces of the house. Tapestries on the sofa, rugs and even a shower curtain.”

Printed using an archival Giclée method on 240 gsm matt paper.