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The Good Friend Risoprint (A3)

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How do you speak to yourself? There’s a saying we never get tired of - Be your own best friend! Often we have an internal conversation that’s not nearly as friendly and understanding as the ones we have with our loved ones. The good friend print was made to remind us all to be kind to ourselves, and if it’s hard - imagine talking to this friendly dog in a cool jacket instead - surely he would have some nice things to say!

Someone said that what you hang on your walls mirrors whats in your soul (just kidding we just made that up) But say it were true - why not hang a totem for balance, protection or fun? Riso printed in our hometown Malmö on 200 g Munken Pure paper, with environmental friendly soy based ink, these prints will do the job for you! Riso printing is an old Japanese way of printing, where each color is printed separately, allowing colors to overlap and making each print unique.