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Tattoo Playing Cards x Oliver Munden

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Illustrated playing cards from Oliver Munden, creator of Tattoo Tarot. A full deck of 54 cards means you can play all your favourite games with ease. Discover the meanings behind popular tattoos through time, from a sailor's sea creature to a spider woman, in the accompanying booklet. Learn about the artists behind some of the most popular tattoo designs of the 20th century..

  • Dimensions (cm): 11.7L x 9.2W x 3.7H 

About the Artist

Oliver Munden works as a tattooist at Rock Steady Tattoo on the south coast of England, UK, as well as taking on commercial artwork projects. He is the author of The Tattoo Colouring Book, Tattoo Tarot and The Tarot Colouring Book, and more books and gifts published by Laurence King.

The Tattoo Journalist is a Portuguese-Canadian writer on fine arts and tattoo culture. She is the author of Ta'too and regularly contributes to most tattoo magazines.