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Stupa Incense Sticks - Dorjee

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Stupa incense is created along the foothills of Kathmandu Nepal and is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. This Dorjee incense is created from a blend of wild foraged natural resins, herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks, such as sang, clove, kuth, cinnamon, and valerian. 

  • 15 x 10cm incense sticks
  • 30 minutes of burning time per stick
  • Includes an incense holder
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable 

About Stupa Incense

Stupa Incense are a socially and environmentally conscious business that have been handcrafting their incense along the foothills of Kathmandu, Nepal, for the past two decades. Using traditional Buddhist incense making techniques that are deeply rooted in their Nepali community, they are always inspired by their surroundings, traditions and nature. Stupa Incense believe that burning incense is more than just for aroma, it is a lifestyle and contributes greatly to people's mental and spiritual well being.