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Sonny Angel Blind Box - Hippers Classic (Animal)

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HIPPERS can be attached to mobile devices such as smartphones, personal computers and small items around your desk such as pen stands and photo frames. No matter where you choose to put your Hipper, it will bring delight to your daily life.

  • Dimensions (cm): 9H x 3.5W
  • Mystery box means you don't know what you are going to get!
  • You could receive any of the 12 Sonny Angel mini figures pictured
  • Features an adhesive tape on the figure's belly which allows you to attach to any surface

About Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel is a little cherub boy who likes wearing all sorts of headgear and is always by your side to make you smile. Sonny Angel started out in 2004 as an 18cm doll but now comes in different sizes and more than 650 different styles! He was created by Toru Soeya, a Japanese toy designer who lent his nickname ?Sonny? to the character. Sonny Angel utilises blind box packaging so that every Sonny Angel is a surprise!