Snow Bowl - White with Green Rim

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The Snow Bowl in White with Green Rim by Amabro, is a Japanese-designed sweet dessert bowl with matching spoons. These footed bowls are opaque with a contrasting solid foot colour and translucent rim. The shape is reminiscent of snowballs which is emphasised with the matching Shovel-shaped spoon that is available separately. Richly coloured glass bowls in a modern style with a retro vibe made from heat-resistant glass.

  • Dimensions (cm): 11D x 5.5H
  • 250ml capacity (approx.)
  • Made with glass
  • Comes in a gift box

About Amabro

Amabro is a Japanese lifestyle brand that aims to blur the line between art and product design by producing everyday items from the perspective of artistic expression. Each series is created in collaboration with various designers across a range of everyday objects and all focus on increasing our joy in using them.