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Rigatoni Candle

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The art of pasta making has been passed down through the generations of Nata's Italian friends. Now, from Nonnas to Nata, they bring you the Rigatoni candle. This tube-shaped pasta, comes in all shapes and curvatures. Careful - your dinner party guests may find the moreish aesthetic good enough to eat.

  • Scented with neroli, jasmine and orange blossom
  • Dimensions (cm): 12L x 3.5H x 7W
  • Burn time: 30min

About Nata Concept Store

Nata Concept Store was founded by Anna and Tatiana in 2018 with a desire to make sculptural culinary candles that are both colourful and practical. They create candles by taking inspiration from your favourite dishes & snacks and bring the irresistible allure of food to your home decor. All of their candles are handmade and hand-poured in their London studio using eco friendly and vegan ingredients.