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Quio Cutlery - White

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The Quio range by Capdeco France has a modern spirit with its square shape and its pearly handles, which will be perfect to brighten up your table each day. Capdeco cutlery is made in France from high quality mirror-finish stainless steel with a smooth acrylic resin handle.

About Capdeco France

Capdeco France was founded in 2002 by Philippe Froment and opened its doors in Thiers, the French capital of the cutlery industry where knives have been made for more than 6 centuries. Inheriting generations of artisanal skills and knowledge, the Froment family started its business in 1963 in a small workshop created by Philippe?s father, but quickly expanded into a major manufacturer of flatware. Today, it is with Edouard Froment, representing the 3rd generation of cutler, that the Capdeco company carries on the cutler tradition with a touch of modernity. Using the know-how passed on from one generation to the next, Capdeco offers a wide range of flatware of impeccable quality and locally made in Thiers.