Papier d'Armenie / Incense

Papier d'Armenie Vintage Box - Rose (Pack of 6)

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An elegant Vintage box inspired by the graphic style of Papier d'Armenie's 1885 containing 6 incense booklets. A journey through time, the ideal gift for all lovers of fragrance and vintage design.

Rose's scents are blends of roses from Iran and Turkey with notes of honey.

How to use: Tear off a strip of paper and fold in accordion style and place on a heat-resistant dish or surface. Light it and blow gently to allow for a slow and gradual burning. Burn time is approximately one minute, while scents are long lasting.

  • Contains 6 booklets, Each booklet contains 36 strips
  • Made in France
  • Dimensions (cm): 10W x 5D x 1H

About Papier d'Armenie
Papier d'Armenie started in the late 19th century when on a trip to Armenia, the French Auguste Ponsot noticed that the inhabitants perfumed and disinfected their houses by burning benzoin resin. Seduced by this traditional and ecological practice, he decided to import the product to France and translated its unique qualities to the now classic brand of fragrant paper strips. With renowned perfumer Francis Kurkidjan, the quality and experience of the brand is still intact as the focus on quality ingredients and natural scents brings their international reputation.