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Palm Eye Risoprint (A3)

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With the endless amount of input in todays society, we feel it gets more and more important to sometimes take a break and turn inwards. What does your own voice actually tell you in this moment? Let the Palm Eye riso print be a gentle reminder to turn your eyes inward under the protection of an imaginary palm tree and trust that inner voice who probably knows exactly what you need. Or, just let it be a really cool art piece on your wall, after all, you know what suits you best!

Someone said that what you hang on your walls mirrors whats in your soul (just kidding we just made that up) But say it were true - why not hang a totem for balance, protection or fun? Riso printed in our hometown Malmö with environmental friendly soy based ink, these prints will do the job for you! Riso printing is an old Japanese way of printing, where each color is printed separately, allowing colors to overlap and making each print unique.