Pampshade by Yukiko Morita

Pain de Mie Lamp

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Two adorable mountains peeking out, adorned with swirling patterns created while weaving the dough. A lamp packed with bread's adorable charm. This Pampshade provides a gentle ambient light source and is designed to be displayed on a table or desk. 

Each lamp is individually made from real unsold breads that are purchased from Pampshade's partner bakery, creating a delicate expression of light that can only be experienced by using freshly baked bread. The bread is carefully hollowed out during the manufacturing process, resulting in some minor cracks or small holes that further add to the lamp's rustic, artisanal character. 

  • Dimensions (cm): 17W x 11H x 8L (Because each Pampshade is made from real unsold breads, there will be natural variations in colour, size, and shape)
  • Power supply: outlet type (AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A DC 12V 1.0A)
  • Will need an US/JP to AU electricity adapter (not included)
  • Materials: Bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, LED lights, & power cord
  • Care instructions: Do not use sanitiser spray near this product, otherwise it may damage the coating. Handle with care.
  • Coated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal seal to protect the lamp for years to come
  • Operation Instructions: To turn on/off, just tap the power button. To adjust the brightness to your liking, press and hold the power button.