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Lady Kit Cat Klock - Pastel Lilac (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition Pastel Lilac is a blossoming addition to the iconic collection! This delightful new colour brings the essence of spring into your home, with a soft lilac hue that’s as refreshing as a garden in full bloom. With its timeless charm and playful eyes that swing back and forth, the Lilac Kit-Cat Klock is sure to brighten any room. Perfect for those who adore unique, colourful decor, this limited edition klock is more than just a timepiece – it’s a cheerful companion.

  • Made in the US with PVC plastic
  • Silent movement (Very slight tick)
  • 40H x 10W cm (Ears to tail)
  • Runs on 2x C batteries, not included
  • Hangs with a nail

About Kit Cat Klock

With his signature wagging tail, rolling eyes, and irresistible smile, the Kit Cat Clock has been an indelible part of American history and popular culture for more than 80 years. The clock was created by a designer from a small town in Oregon during the height of the Great Depression. Through the 1950s, Kit-Cat's popularity skyrocketed, and the dapper feline became a fixture in the American kitchen and synonymous with the era. This now timeless piece of Americana continues to spread cheer with his wily expression and contagious grin.