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Koala Firefighter Sticker (Australia's Heroes)

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Vinyl sticker honouring the bravery and dedication of Australian firefighters and the beautiful bushland and wildlife of Australia. Original ink and pen illustration created by Stephanie Gray.

  • Dimensions (cm): 5W x 9L
  • 100% waterproof, scratch-proof and long-lasting 
  • Printed on permanent polymeric vinyl & coated with clear matte laminate
  • Proudly made in Sydney

About the Erlenmeyer Art

Erlenmeyer Art is a small stationery business established in 2015, which operating in Australia and the UK. Their product range includes greeting cards, stickers, playing cards and art prints, all of which feature the work of Australian artist Stephanie Gray, who is now based in Bristol. Gray specialises in fine ink pen and watercolour paintings and her favourite themes include animals, music, architecture and hobbies. Erlenmeyer Art are committed to sustainability and being environmentally friendly so all of their cards are designed to be displayed as artwork long after they were originally given, rather than being disposed.