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Fence Lunch Plate (21cm) - Royal Blue

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The Fence Lunch Plate is perfect for a lunch salad, a little pasta dish or a slice of bread. This plate also works well when serving pancakes or a piece of your favourite cake. Each piece is produced and hand painted in the south of Italy so every item is a tiny bit different. 

  • Dimensions (cm): 21Ø
  • Made from white glazed ceramic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made and hand-painted in Italy

About Jore Copenhagen

Founded by Josephine Reich, Jore Copenhagen is a personal homeware universe inspired by social gatherings, humour and nostalgia. Drawing from their Scandinavian heritage, their pieces are a playful take on the classics, adding colours and designing items for the dinners they dream to host. Their goal is to combine the intimate with the social and make it easy for bringing people into every home.