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Essential Oil - Juniperberry & Frankincense

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The combination of frankincense and juniper creates a heavenly scent, frankincense has a very aromatic earthy scent. You will definitely get the Boswellia tree's musty pine notes, along with citrus notes and spicy undertones. It is also quite similar to rosemary. Many Boswellia species grow in the Middle East in arid areas known for their high heat as well as in India. Historically, frankincense has been used in spirituality. The scent of Juniper Berry oil is woody, spicy, and clean. When used for its aroma, Juniper Berry essential oil has a calming and grounding effect and can also be diffused to help cleanse and purify the air. Details : 15 ml 100% Essential Oil Frankincense and Juniperberry oil Made in Australia