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Coupe Curve (Set of 2) - Pink

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The stunning look of this set of 2 curved coupe glasses makes them suitable for any special occasion. The coupes are formed from delicate glass, with the coloured glass and subtle shape combination giving them a unique look. These impressive coupes can be used for champagne, water and other drinks, as well as for ice cream and desserts.

  • Dimensions (cm): 17H x ? 10
  • Capacity (ml): 150
  • Made from glass
  • Care instructions: dishwasher safe

About &Klevering

&K Amsterdam is a Dutch design and home decor company founded in 1992 by Jan van der Klooster and Emiel Hetsen in Amsterdam. Known for their original designs and accessories that embody quirky Dutch cool, their products combine bold colours, playful patterns, and traditional-contemporary fusion. &K's designers take their inspiration from modern art and contemporary vintage, creating eclectic gifts and accessories to enrich your home with an exuberant, yet laid-back charm.