Coucou Suzette

Tabby Cat Hair Claw

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Everybody wants to be a cat! And even more if it’s an adorable kitty with a spotted fur and gold details. This creative hair claw happily purrs on top of our buns and can be clipped to our handbag’s handle when not used. We love the retro tortoise shell aspect reminding us of some vintage accessories.

  • Dimensions (cm): 9W x 4.5H
  • Made with recycled & biodegradable cellulose acetate (Eco-friendly)
  • Designed and produced by the original artist Juliette Mallet and brand Coucou Suzette. This product is genuine and supports the original designer and artist.

About Coucou Suzette

It all started in 2016, thanks to a boob. At a time when women wanted to free the nipple, Juliette created a ring for one of her friends: more precisely a ceramic boob ring, made with love and for fun. The piece of art was posted on Instagram and, amazed by the enthusiasm, Juliette started selling her creations online. She loved creating so much that she quit her 9-5 job to go all the way into this new adventure! Over the years, the team became bigger, the brand could launch its own website, the order picking was delegated to a logistic team (no more order prep in the living room…) and the creations could finally be sold in many shops all around the world. And that’s how Coucou Suzette was born (thank you nipples).