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Bao Family by Celine Chung

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Bao Family celebrates bao and other Chinese classics – with a contemporary twist – through recipes that span the eight culinary regions of China.

Full of recipes sharing their love of bao as well as other Chinese dishes, the Bao Family cookbook symbolises the bridge between two cultures: the traditions of China and the modernity of Parisian life. Perfect for fans of Fuchsia Dunlop, Kwoklyn Wan and Ken Hom.

Through over 80 classic yet accessible and playful recipes, Céline Chung and her family push back against the stereotypes surrounding Chinese cooking and pay tribute to its diversity and regionality. Expect an explosion of flavour, with recipes for pancakes, chilli chicken salad, dim sum, spring rolls, hot-and-sour soup, sweet-and-sour fish, Cantonese fried rice and of course bao buns – that perfectly fluffy finger food which feeds a crowd and can be tailored with all sorts of delicious fillings.

Bao Family is a bold celebration of Chinese food today, spanning meals all through the day. The key recipes all feature handy step-by-step instructions, and every dish is imbued with the love that Céline and her family have for their homeland of Wenzhou, from their home in Paris.

About Céline Chung

Céline Chung was born in Paris to Chinese parents. At the age of 20, after eating her mum's food for years, Céline wanted to discover China for herself so she did a university exchange in Shanghai. She fell in love with the food and travelled to many different regions learning about the varied cuisines. In 2019 she opened Petit Bao in Paris serving authentic traditional Chinese cuisine with classic dishes, from French-sourced products and in a modern setting inspired equally by Paris and Shanghai. There are now four Paris restaurants in the Bao family.