Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker - Red (3 Cup) x Michele De Lucchi

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The espresso coffee maker Pulcina, designed by Michele de Lucchi, is the product of intense research. The focus was in the optimisation of the coffee pot shape in order to improve and enhance the organoleptic properties of coffee.

Thanks to the internal shape of its boiler, Pulcina automatically stops filtering the coffee at the right moment. This interruption helps to eliminate the eruption phase, the final filtering stage, that generates a burnt and bitter aftertaste. Thus ensuring that only the finest qualities of the coffee are preserved, enhancing the full-bodied and rounded aroma of the coffee. The spout is quite pronounced. Its typical 'V' shape, reminiscent of a baby chick’s beak, is specially designed to perfectly cut drops when pouring.

Practical and functional, making coffee with the Pulcina is just like making it with a traditional coffee pot.

Made in aluminium casting, with handle and knob in PA.

Suitable for Gas and Electric Cook tops

Please be reminded to read the instructions and check the maximum water level suitable for the Coffee Maker before using for the first time.

Dimensions: L 15cm W 9cm H 20cm

Capacity: 15

Color: aluminium casting. Handle and knob in PA Red

Not dishwasher-safe, gently hand-wash with warm water for cleaning.