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50 Easy Indian Curries

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Discover 50 delicious curries from the kitchens across India. Rightly adored by millions, curry is celebrated as the national dish in many countries. It's been adapted and adopted into homes and hearts around the world, but there's nowhere that does it like India. Curry flavors change radically as you move around the country. From region to region, and household to the next, the dish transforms with new spices and ingredients. Garam masala - that unmistakeable blend of cumin and coriander seeds, among other family secrets - is typical in the north. Lentil-lovers in southern India, meanwhile, create soups that are both spicy and sour, thanks to the tamarind fruit. 50 Easy Indian Curries travels through the country, sampling dishes from each region. No matter the recipe, though, one thing is guaranteed - you're going to need a bigger spice rack.