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Summer Meadow by Katy Smail (30x40cm)

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Summer Meadow by Katy Smail. The Poster Club from Copenhagen, Denmark brings an assortment of works from selected artists made into a collection of playful and contemporary art prints that bring together elements of archival presentation and modern typography.

  • Dimensions (cm): 30W x 40L
  • Printed in Denmark
  • Fine art print on 265g high quality art paper.
  • Fits standard frames. Frame is not included, but can be purchased with frame in store.
  • Comes wrapped in silk paper and packed in a protective cardboard tube.

About the Artist

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Katy Smail found her muse in the untamed beauty of her homeland, which continues to shape her work to this day. Despite venturing across the Atlantic, honing her skills as a fashion writer and illustrator in New York, “the wild Scottish landscapes, skies and meadows have stayed in my bones and become the root of my inspiration,” she reflects.

However, it was a series of major shifts in her life that prompted a profound evolution in Katy’s artistic expression. “Since the pandemic, coming back to Scotland and becoming a mother, I have moved my attention to my fine art painting practice,” she explains.

Smail’s current body of work revolves around large-scale paintings of wildflowers, a testament to her deep reverence for nature’s beauty and her commitment to environmental stewardship. “[My paintings] are inspired by the soft power of Mother Nature, the magic of the natural world, herbal medicine and a desire to protect our wildflower meadows,” Katy avers.

Her creative process is deeply intuitive, guided by the colours and energies of the natural world. “I try to drop out of my thinking mind and into my feeling body,” she says. In an almost meditative state, Katy’s emotions intertwine with ethereal skies and flower-filled landscapes as she intuitively paints on canvas, wood or fabric, unrestrained and flowing.